With one single download you receive: 13 GOJU-RYU-KATAS RANGING FROM THE WHITE TO THE BLACK BELT!

You will have a professionally designed, comprehensive product made with careful observation of precision down to the last detail. The product is based on the experience of more than 30 years of trainer activity. The price for all of this is very low and highly competitive.

You will receive the following sight and sound material for each download purchase of at least one KATA at www.gojuryukata.com:

  1. Valuable insider know-how on learning the KATAS
  2. Additional written texts on each KATA including professional advice as to the respective specific quality and correct training method.
  3.  KATA video for CO – TRAINING: Each sequence is displayed slowly, step by step, also demonstrating the adequate breathing technique.
  4. When practising alongside the video you will recognize the direction of your stand and that of your desired turn at each and every stage within the sequence.
  5. KATAFILM in the correct process timing „PERFORMANCE“ with KIAI and acoustically demonstrated breathing technique.

The performances of our KATAS are, to the best of our knowledge, in accordance with both the standards of the Goju-kai-World Association JKF (status 2005) and the international competition regulations.

Gojuryukata.com will, in the easiest way, help you learn to perform perfect KATAS. Your KATAS will be substantially improved by using our training video. Pass your next belt exam with ease and pursue your way towards becoming a TOP KARATEKA.

We wish you all the best and hope you will enjoy your way!