Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo Worldwide Seminar- New York, 2015

                             (Masters Overseas Exchange Program)


Onaga, Sensei OGKK - Europe


NEWS   &  events:

2017 new year's day training, with sensei allen 

                                        Shotokan Academy, Glassboro NJ., 

         thank you owens sensei  for the invitation

                                      Congratulations to Kikugawa Sensei on his promotion to 10th Dan.

        This is one of my favorite dojo's to visit. He has shared some great old stories with me about Chinen, Sensei.

USA members with OGKK senior instructors

A great time in Orlando at the Miyagi Cup 2017- teaching, Training & spending time with friends

While traveling to Okinawa, I received the sad news Hichiya Sensei passed away. During gasshuku members were able to pay their last respects to such a great teacher. Chinen Sensei always spoke highly of him. Rest in Peace Sensei.

OGKK Instructors- Sensei Young from the Kenseikan, Miami FL. & Sensei Allen from the Kobukan ,New Jersey

                                                    training in New York - Sensei Kai Leung dojo

Tanaka, Sensei OGKK - Osaka, Japan

OGKK members - Finland, Sweden & USA visiting Kikugawa dojo.

Allen, Sensei assisting Kikugawa Sensei with the masters seminar

OGKK Gasshuku 2017, Okinawa Japan